Monday, August 22, 2011

A Different Side of Me

Olla and Assalamualaikum

Sometimes it keeps playing in my mind whenever i see my frens around me always on e fon wit eir love partner. How i wish to have one but when i think it wisely, it's good n better for me to be who i'm now.

There's no heart to cure, no credits to waste and no tears to drop for nonsense reasons. I've been kind of heartless person such e feeling of being cheated by sumone it's really hard to deal with but i'd try my best already. Well, tq so much to my current rummates, Zhul, Amal n Zahra. Thanks for lend me ur shoulders to cry on and ur ears to hear my probs. I really appreciate dat nyah. 

Inspites, there's no benefits for me to take a revenge so lets bygone be bygone. I'll keep it as my past lesson and future precaution. Myb ALLAH wants to give me a better ehem ehem ( haha..gelilaa), who knows? Well, for me this is not a necessary at this moment i think. I should finish up all my studies first and think about dat later. yeah i will. go iqa(:

''Vile women are for vile men, and vile men are for vile women. Good women are for good men, and good men are for good women" ; An-Nur sentence of 26th.

p/s: ILYAllah<3