Thursday, February 24, 2011

meh meh kanak kanak,,dgr ini BED TIME STORY

erm na join iqa hilgkn kecuakkn result spm seketika tak? jika ya sila angguk anggukkn kpala n teruskn m'baca..if tak mau bole la tkn pangkah kat atas tuh cpt cpt..hee
actly iqa ad story na share..a story but it's kinda like English essay..oh tb tb t'igt sk sgt time English class dlu especially dgn Madam Ainan..dlu if karang essay siap bole nangis nangis n lumba lumba na bg cikgu feeling baca..mcm hobi plak.huhu.oh i miss her so badly..if she know it kn.oke cpt duduk tegak tegak ya adik adik..AKAK IQA nak kongsi crita nih.  **sementara ad mood na mengarang nih..bkn senang tauu..
                                              Title: RAIN
Sara dear, it is raining outside as i'm writing this to u. do u still remember the first time we met each other? It was raining too. You were soaked in e rain. I offered u my black leather jacket to keep u warm and bought for you an umbrella. it was purple in colour with teddies decorations. it was cute like u as well. Sara, did u ever know, I waited hours for u the next day but i found from ur brother that u had a fever. Do you know that I was really worried of you? I wish that i could take ur place because the moment I gave you my jacket was the moment I realised that i fell for you.
I close my diary.Another year had passed without my dearest Sara by my side.She was my pillar of strength. She always there for me. But now everything was changing. My life became so empty.I could not accept her death even after 8 years. The only thing left for me is Tommy, our son. Pair of his eyes looks exactly like her mother. Round baby blue eyes. He reminds me of Sara all the time.Every night i cry when my mind suddenly wanders to the past. I dream of her smile, her cute baby face and miss to hold her smooth hands. But things happened, she died after giving birth of Tommy.It was a complications.The doctor said she could not be saved.
For months i refused to even go out from my room. I refused to eat. I feel like my world spinned around me.I neglected our son.At least he had an uncle to take care of him.My family and friends were all so worried.They adviced me to change.They said I had to face the reality. If they knew what i felt.Now Tommy is 8 years old and he grew up without a mother's love.For him, i'm a father and i'm also his mother.
I glanced at the window. The rain was pouring non stop.Just like how it was on 8th June 2002. The day i met my late wife for the first time.
"Daddy, daddy, where is uncle Sam? He promised to play with me but why he isn't here?" Tommy was tugging the end of my shirt. I smiled helplessly and sat him on my lap. I kissed his chubby cheeks.
"He must be late, my dear. Why don't u play with ur ball first. I call u when he is here.Okay?" Tommy nodded. He ran into his room and get the ball to play with.
My mind wandered again to the day. Sara and I went for a honeymoon in Paris. I knew Sara loved this country very well as she said it is acountry of love. Indeed it is. I never expect that was going to be our last holiday vacation together. We were happy to spend our time together. I remembered that she was telling me her childhood memories. Actually she never knew the exact date she was born. But her late father told her that the day she was born, it was a raining day. So she expect when the day was raining, it was her birthday.
I remembered that we were sitting on the bench facing the Eiffletower and she suddenly hold my hands. She said, "whatever happens, I promise I will always be there for you even if i am gone.I always next to u and stand beside u." I guess it was a normal words from her as she loved me. Ten months after that, those words become a memory that could never be erased. She knew that something was about to happen but she never told me.
The sound of the door bell brought me to the reality.' That must be Sam, my brother in law'. I thought. I opened the door and smiled at him. "Come in, Tommy waited for u long ago. He is at the back playing with his ball", Sam nodded and walked towards Tommy. I could hear their laughters. It would have been better if Sara was here to witness all these. These would have made her smile too.
I went to the kitchen to make some lemon tea for Sam and Tommy. I was stirring the lemon tea in the small jug when Sam walked inti the kitchen and sat on the chair.
"So, arent you want to bring Tommy for a holiday vacation?" He asked. I nodded. "When is it?" He asked more. " Next Friday". I gave a short reply. "You know James, u cannot act like this all the time. It has been eight long years.It's too enough for Tommy to be a boy. Pull urself together. I looked straight to Sam. "Look, I cannot forget Sara. She is a part of me. When she died, a part of myself died with her too. You should know that, Sam." If only he knew what i felt.
"James, Sara is my beloved sister. Of course i miss her too." He replied. "You know what, she always grateful for having u as her husband. She always knew u were the right one. She never told u this but today i'll tell u everything. She was sick. You married a sick lady, James. She was sorry to let u down. She had anaemia. She asked me not to tell u even once. She know it was risky to get pregnant and give birth. She might to sacrifice herself for ur happiness. It's because she loved u, James."
I was shaking so badly. My tears were rolling down my cheeks.
"James, she will hate to see u cry. She just wants u to be happy. So please, take a very good care of Tommy. He is a proof of ur love. Someone that u should treasure of." I nodded my head. "Thanks Sam for ur advices and reminding me." I could not believe my wife have been so kind. She sacrificed her life just to make me happy. From then on, I promised myself to take care of Tommy because I knew he is my precious gift from Sara. "Thanks Sara.I always love u. Hope u live at a peace there."
                                         ~THE END~

p/s: actly crita nih tak ad kaitan dgn sapa sapa..just suka suka n tb tb t'igt dkt sorg kwn iqa. She had anaemia. sgt sedih when i see her pale face when she got injured and especially during her PMS. so pity. hope she had a great health since da lost contact lately..**friend, hope u know dat i love u..take a good care sahabat(:
**abaikn sebarang grammar error..hehe