Friday, January 7, 2011


 Guys and girls especially my former schoolmates n terendakians, this is for you..

                                             LOVE ALL OF YOU!

                                           Listen as ur day unfolds
                                           Challenge what the future holds 
                                           Try and keep ur head up to the sky
                                           Lovers, they may cause u tears
                                           Go ahead release ur fears
                                           Stand up and be counted
                                           Don't be ashamed to cry

                                           U gotta be 
                                           U gotta be bad, u gotta be bold
                                           U gotta be wiser, U gotta be hard
                                           U gotta be tough, u gotta be stronger
                                           U gotta be cool, u gotta be calm
                                           U gotta stay together
                                           All I know LOVE will save the day..

                p/s: enjoy it oke:)