Thursday, January 20, 2011


Salam alaik,,
          erm alhamdulillah after spm ni as usual duk uma tlg parents, kms kms skit n jaga ank2 buah..
 The famous questions dat ppl always asked me now: iqa tak kerja?? I've think about dis before..but iqa t'fikir, btl jg kata is e time for me to help my parents..kesian laa kat ayh n ma..duk uma b'bakti for them..dpt pahala..and..btl jg ckp Cikgu Rozita (she's one of my bloved teacher kat mktb, bcause i love chemist very much!), aftr spm ta perlu la puas2 kat uma..kumpul smangat baru utk study kat Univ. t..sbb once awk da blaja mst akn trus na keja n bila da keja..awk akn rasa rindu na rehat 'lepak lepak' mcm aftr spm better jgn for me oke la ta perlu kerja n tlg ap yg patut..erm klu keja pun oke je, tp bia la gaji yg kt dpt tuu kt bg parents kt skit wlupun 'ciput' kn kn..hee

        Sometimes i'll read novels n watch movies..Once i read n watch them i get e lessons..Its about life!For me LIFE is not easy as we expected..It's like an important game..Once we step forward, we could not return back..Just be brave n confident urself to faces e obstacles..just fight for e right! I'll always remind myself about being grateful for what i've now but i've to be work hard also to get what i want.. Yes, I can be a dreamer but i should make e dreams come true, materialise my dream and not to be slaive in my dream..if i can bear to hear e truth i've spoken, twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.. Sigh ~ i've decided i want to be 'someone'..i want to be 'studyholic' n 'solatholic' but for e same time i pray to Allah..hope HE give e best for me..insyaALLAH(:

YA ALLAH, please give me e chance to make my parents feel sooooo happy..pleaseeeee give me straight A's for SPM.. ''Bismillahirrahmanirrahim,, INNAHU MIN SULAIMAN WA INNAHU BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHIM'',, AMIIN <<kwn kwn, bcala doa nih utk lmbutkn hati para pemeriksa..insyaALLAH..ALLAH akn tlg kt seandainy hati kt ikhlas n b'sungguh sungguh(:

p/s: why i so serious n matured dis night?ermmmmm...btw pray for our success oke..hasta la vista everyone